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If you’re searching for a quick and easy way to immobilise vehicles, then look no further. We have a wide range of car clamps available to buy online here at Barriers Direct. These wheel clamps for cars are an effective and efficient alternative to vehicle barriers, and come in a variety of sizes and designs to suit all tastes. 

We’ve got car wheel clamps for smaller moving vehicles on the road, as well as the Bulldog wheel clamp - designed to mobilise and secure motorhomes with larger wheels. It’s an extremely easy device that can be fitted in seconds without the need of a key. 

Barriers Direct offers free UK and express delivery on all products.

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Wheel Clamps

Car clamp devices from Barriers Direct are an easy and effective way of immobilising vehicles. These alternatives to a vehicle barrier or wheel locks come in a range of sizes and designs to suit all tastes. One of the fastest to install is the triangular wheel clamp. The cover plate protects the wheel nuts while the hardened steel chain and clamp lock secure it in place. 

The Bulldog wheel clamp for motorhomes and 4x4s is an easy-to-use device that can be fitted on a wheel in seconds without the need of a key. The lock is pick-resistant and anti-drill. The locking arms are made of strengthened steel that has been designed to avoid scratching alloy wheels.  

The Bulldog Euroclamp is suitable for all cars, motorbikes, caravans and trailers. This simple device can be easily fitted over the wheel without the use of a key and is easy to carry and store. The strengthened steel locking arms are fitted with protective tips to avoid damaging alloy wheels.

The Bulldog Autoclamp is a larger device and can fit over tyres of diameter 480mm to 640mm, and tyre widths of 145mm to 205mm. The Bulldog autoclamp can also be ordered in larger sizes to accommodate bigger wheel diameters and widths. Be sure to check your wheel size when making an order. It is lightweight and fully adjustable.

For the best caravan security, we recommend the Bulldog QD wheel clamp. Our QD car clamps carry a Sold Secure Approval.  They are secured with Bulldog’s plunge lock and feature an 11-inch diameter wheel nut protection cover. For a more robust wheel clamp, the heavy-duty Bulldog Titan is the best. Available in different sizes, it offers fuller cover, ensuring the wheel nuts remain inaccessible when covered. It is suitable for use on alloy wheels. It features a high-security anti-drill and pick-resistant lock. Its large size and highly visible red warning colour make it a good deterrent for would-be thieves.


• Portable and easy-to-store devices

• Pick-resistant locks

• High-security anti-drill locks

• Come in highly visible yellow and red

• Different-sized locks to suit varied wheel diameters and widths

• Insurance-approved options

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