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General Installation


North of England (inc.Midlands)

Ian Randle

Tel: 0775 3857089

Email Ian Randle

South of England

John Manning

Tel: 07788 461080

Email John Manning

Although we do not directly offer installation on our products here at Barriers Direct, we do have a couple of Installers that we recommend.

So when you have chosen which item you would like, give them a ring with a description of what kind of surface you are installing into and they will gladly give you a price. Please treat each with care it has taken a long time to find these great installers!

Please note we ideally need the following, or we can bring our own.

  • 1 Power nearby
  • 2 Water
  • 3 You to check where the utilities are located so we do not interfere with drains, gas or electrics plans would be ideal
  • 4 Decide if you want the debris or do you need us to remove it

Our professional installers can offer this affordable service throughout most of the UK mainland carrying professional equipment including the all important ground testing metres (ensuring no gas, water, electric or telephone services are damaged during installation).

Installation prices vary from £120 per bollard (single post installation with ideal ground conditions) to £550 (full day rate to install 5+ bollards) minus the deposit free + VAT. This amount will vary depending on ground conditions assessed by our engineers on site. The location of your installation may also affect the price.

Installations are normally done within 2-3 weeks (depending on current workload). If you have a specific requirement date to work towards, please contact them on special numbers to discuss.

Automatic Arm Barriers & Gates Installation

PLEASE NOTE For installation of Automatic Arm Barriers and Gates (excluding the solar power barrier), we have a specialist team; please ring for advice and a quote 01279 933019.