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Barriers Direct is one of the leading canteen furniture suppliers in the UK, specialising in modular tables and chairs. Our range of canteen furniture options is simple, easy to maintain and great value.

Modular Canteen Furniture for Workspace

Barriers Direct is one of the leading canteen furniture suppliers in the UK, specialising in modular tables and chairs. Our range of canteen furniture options is simple, easy to maintain and great value.

Each solution comes in a variety of designs to accommodate just about any space and are made of durable material that guarantees a long-lasting investment.

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·         Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

·         2-, 4- and 6-seater options with single or double entry

·         Germ Guard Active Technology Paint on frames

·         Powder-coated frames

·         PVC edging on tabletops for extra strength

·         Seat shell colour options of red, black or blue

·         Optional floor fixings

What is canteen furniture?

Canteen furniture specifically refers to modular tables, chairs and fixtures that are constructed to enhance comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal in communal dining spaces such as factory canteens, vending or refreshment areas.

They are designed to provide optimal comfort and a pleasant, sociable dining experience for visitors, employees and guests. 

Here at Barriers Direct are proud to offer a wide range of quality seating solutions made from sturdy frames and thermo-plastic seating and table options in a wide choice of colours for a vibrant, comfortable seating arrangement.

What is modular furniture?

Modular furniture enables you to design your own layout - it is made up of individual pre-made components that can be easily rearranged, interchanged or combined to create customised and flexible seating or social spaces to suit your needs, making it highly versatile and adaptable. 

We offer a range of options from single seating solutions up to six single entry seats, allowing you to easily bolt on your selection to create the perfect seating arrangement. 

What is the difference between modular and non-modular furniture?


The primary difference between modular and non-modular furniture lies in the design and functionality. Modular furniture - such as the range of furniture Barriers Direct offer - is composed of individual components that can be easily rearranged, combined, or added to, allowing for greater customisation and adaptability to various spaces and needs.

On the other hand, non-modular furniture comes as a complete unit with fixed dimensions and structures, offering less flexibility in terms of arrangement and limited customisation options. Modular furniture provides the advantage of versatility, allowing users to personalise their furniture arrangements to suit changing requirements or preferences, while non-modular furniture typically offers a consistent design and functionality, making it ideal for its intended purpose of use but more challenging to re-configure if requirements change due to its fixed dimensions and structures.

How do you design a canteen?

Designing a canteen using modular furniture involves considering the layout, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of the space first. Here are some steps to guide the design process:

  1. Assess the space: Measure the available area and evaluate the canteen's layout, taking note of entrances, windows, and other architectural elements that may influence furniture placement.

  2. Determine seating capacity: Consider the expected number of users and their seating requirements to determine the seating capacity of the canteen. This will help in selecting the appropriate modular furniture pieces.

  3. Identify functional zones: Divide the canteen into different functional zones such as dining areas, lounge areas, and food service areas. This division will guide the selection and placement of modular furniture accordingly.

  4. Choose modular furniture modules: Select modular furniture modules that align with the canteen's requirements. Consider options like modular tables, benches, chairs, and booths that can be easily rearranged, stacked, or combined to accommodate different group sizes and configurations.

  5. Optimize space utilisation: Maximise the efficient use of space by selecting modular furniture pieces that offer storage capabilities, such as benches with built-in compartments or stackable chairs that can be stored when not in use.

  6. Ensure comfort and ergonomics: Prioritise user comfort by selecting modular furniture with ergonomic designs, cushioning, and adjustable features, such as height-adjustable tables and chairs.

  7. Create an inviting atmosphere: Choose modular furniture pieces that align with the canteen's desired ambience and aesthetic. Consider factors such as colour schemes, materials, and finishes that complement the overall design theme.

  8. Test and refine: Once the modular furniture is placed, test the layout and arrangement to ensure smooth traffic flow, accessibility, and a comfortable dining experience. Make adjustments as necessary to optimise the space.

By following these steps, you can effectively design a canteen using modular furniture, providing a versatile, adaptable, and visually appealing dining space for users.


The seat and table combined designs offer an economical choice in seating arrangements. They are ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor areas where food is likely to be eaten. They are made of durable polypropylene that is easy to clean. With fewer legs than standard chairs and tables, it is also easier to clean underneath these modular units.

The Premium Canteen Furniture set offers stylish minimalism coupled with durable design. This is one of the most contemporary canteen furniture designs in the UK market. It features a single piece moulded polypropylene seats, welded to a 50mm circular tube steel frame. The seats come in an option of deep blue or graphite grey colours. The frames are powder-coated in cool grey. The tabletops come in a light grey colour and PVC edging for enhanced safety and strengthening. This product comes in a choice of 4- and 6-seater arrangements.

As one of the top canteen furniture suppliers, we also offer unique design choices for those that prefer to stand out. The Spectrum canteen furniture system is a bolder and brighter option with enhanced durability features. The seats are constructed using 1.2mm mild carbon steel with a fully welded design. The tabletop and frame are powder-coated in sleek grey. The seats are on offer in an option of colours including red, green, blue and dark grey. They also come in a choice of 2, 4 and 6 modular seating options.

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