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Terms and conditions for the installation service

These terms and conditions apply to our installation services. In addition, our general terms and conditions of business will apply to these services.

Our fitting teams are fully insured and experienced professionals. By using them you will help to ensure that your barrier post or bollard is correctly installed so that it performs as it should do. Our professional teams will also assist with the reinstatement of the surface after installation.

Non Automatic Products: Arranging installation

One of our teams will call you within 2 working days of receiving your order to arrange a date for installation of the product. They will endeavour to arrange this within 10 working days of the expected receipt of the product, depending on current workload. However, this timescale is not always possible.

Please note that installations are normally carried out on Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm. If installation is required outside these hours and we can accommodate it, then there may be a small additional surcharge.

What you need to do

  • Free and unobstructed access must be provided during the period of installation. Any additional time taken owing to any infringement of this condition may be chargeable by J9 Limited T/as Barriers Direct at hour work rates during normal working hours or the relevant premium rate, outside these hours.

(Normal hour work rate per operative = £30 per hour ex VAT 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday Outside these Hours Monday to Friday Premium Rate = £45.00 per hour ex VAT Saturdays = £45.00 per Hour ex VAT Sundays and Bank Holidays = £60.00 per hour ex VAT)

  • Please ensure that the installation team have suitable space to park their vehicle.
  • The product will be sent to you under separate cover. The installer will not bring the goods to site. You must therefore safely store the goods until the installation team arrives. This is your responsibility.
  • If you have not received the product 2 working days before the arranged installation date or you have decided that the the product is not what you want, you must immediately contact the installation team by email on the installation team’s email as set out on your invoice or on the telephone number given to you on arrangement of the installation appointment. If you do not contact the team and the installation team arrive with no product on site or an unwanted product, you will be charged 75% of the installation charge.
  • You must check to confirm that you have the authority and any permissions if needed to allow installation to take place. 
  • If you are aware of any reason that the site you have chosen for installation may not be suitable, please inform the installation team as soon as you become aware by emailing by email on the installation team’s email as set out on your invoice quoting your order number.
  • It is essential that you are available when the installation team arrive and when they have finished installation to ensure that the product is installed in the correct location and to your satisfaction. The installation team will ask you to sign a [customer satisfaction form]. Any problems with installation should be noted at this point. If you do not do so and the team is subsequently called to resolve such problems, you will be charged a call out fee.
  • You must ensure that the installation team is able to install the products without harassment or intimidation from any persons who may object to the installation of the barriers or other products (whether or not the permission of such persons is required to install the products). In the event of such intimidation or harassment occurring, the installation team may not be able to carry out the installation and you will still be charged.

What happens on the day of installation

On the day of fitting the teams will arrive with all the tools required for installation, including generator and water supply. They will also take away waste materials.

On the day the site will be surveyed by the installation team using a cable avoidance tool, which helps to detect and avoid any underground services. 

In the rare event that the site survey establishes that the intended site is unsuitable and /or has not been properly prepared for the installation, and an alternative part of the site cannot be used or agreed on, then a refund of the original Installation fee minus an attendance fee of 75% of The Original Installation Fee will be arranged. This fee will also apply in the event that the site is inaccesible.

If the product is a stock item, then it can be returned under our normal terms and conditions of business. You should remember that made/built to order goods cannot be returned. Therefore, in the case of goods made to order, it is particularly important that you are confident that the site you have chosen is suitable for the product. Our installation team will of course ask relevant questions when they call to arrange the appointment to help avoid any issues on the day. 

Installation of Automatic Products:

1.    Delivery times for Product to be installed, depend on the time taken for the us to receive correctly completed handing forms and written confirmation from the you that you approve of the specifications or drawings supplied to you.

2.    Similarly, a provisional date for installation can only be arranged, if we have received written confirmation from you of the handing and the specification of the product you have ordered, enabling the company to arrange for it to be put into production. 

3.    The Provisional Installation date will be arranged, once we have liaised with the appropriate installation, production and dispatch teams and you.

4.    The provisional Installation date may need to be contingent on when a site survey has been able to be performed.

5.    For the Provisional date to become the confirmed date, we require you to confirm in writing at least 10 working days prior to the above date that your site is ready and for you to provide photographs of all foundations and the area in which installation is to take place. Please see clause 6 below.    
If it is found on the day of Installation that the site is in fact not to the required readiness,  therefore preventing the engineers from being able to complete the installation and commissioning, the full installation fee is chargeable for that appointment and any further visits will have to be fully chargeable.

When we have quoted you for Safety Devices, they have been quoted as per our understanding of the site and vehicle requirements .We bear no responsibility or liability if you decide not to take the company’s recommendations. Furthermore, we bear no responsibility or liability for any differences you have not made our Sales team aware of.
Please note  that the installation of Induction Loops requires that there are good solid ground conditions, i.e.  there are no broken or damaged surfaces or potholes

It is the your responsibility to carry out a risk assessment and appraisal of the site that they require product for, to include who will be using the site and in turn what signage  and or instructions are required for and at the site., and for the you to make arrangements for these to be provided.

6.    To allow us to perform our obligations under these conditions, you must confirm that the site is ready, and in so doing, you and any other third party in control of the site where the services are to be performed are confirming: 

a.    You and/or they understand that Installation and commissioning does not include any civil works such as excavation; cabling; ducting; creating foundations; concreting.
b.    That any required civil works will be completed on behalf of or by the customer, and that these works will be to the standard required to enable the installation to commence.
c.    Any concrete should be dry and cured.
d.    You and/or understand that installation and commissioning does not include any electrical works, however the customer must provide a live supply on the date of installation comply with sub clauses 6e; 6f and 6n. 
e.    All conduit/trunking and wiring will be undertaken in compliance with the 17th Editions IEE.
f.    A mains power supply must be commissioned by others, terminating in a suitable isolator/fused spur
g.    You and/or they will provide safe and secure storage for all goods delivered to site that are not due for installation on the date of delivery from the date of delivery.
h.    Assistance with offloading and placing of equipment adjacent to the work area will be required and where appropriate, craneage or lifting of heavy items into the installed position.
i.    That all necessary information, including but not being limited to any relevant health and safety policies applicable to any of our personnel when carrying out the Services will be provided to the company’s appointed personnel
j.    That the site is a cleared, prepared, and safe site which complies with all applicable statutory or other regulations and codes of practice, to allow our people to work in a safe manner without harm;
k.    That there is free, sufficient and suitable unobstructed access must be provided during the period of installation. Time lost owing to any infringement of this condition will be chargeable at daywork rates or the relevant premium rate where applicable
l.    Adequate parking provisions must be made for the engineers vans close to site and within 100m

m.    They understand that no abuse to our staff and install team will be tolerated, if the install team feel bullied, harassed or threatened, they will immediately terminate the install.

n.    Our engineer(s) must be provided with free use of 240/110v AC mains power for power tools within the work area. You and/or they must ensure that adequate lighting will be freely available in the work area for the duration of the installation.

o.    You will indemnify us for any Liability incurred by the company as a result of the customer (or any applicable third party) not doing any of the things set out in Clause 6.

If on the day of installation, it is found that any of the above is not available, therefore preventing the engineers from being able to complete the installation and commissioning, the full installation fee is chargeable for that appointment and any further visits will have to be fully chargeable

7.    When any of the following are booked, the price is based on a single visit per team, additional visits are chargeable:
a.    Installation and Commissioning
b.    Site Survey
c.    Maintenance
d.    Civil work
On the day of Installation or for any other site visit/survey, a named point of contact on site who can direct the installation team to the correct area, be available throughout the installation, be fully aware / briefed of the entire scope of works, and has the authority to sign off completed work at the end of the day. This point of contact should also have the authority to or be able to contact someone who can deal with any problems that arise during the period of the visit. The contact must be on site. If on the day of the visit it is found that any of the above is not available, therefore preventing the engineers from being able to complete their scheduled work the full fee is chargeable for that appointment and any further visits will have to be fully chargeable

8.    If a GSM device has been ordered and needs commissioning as part of the installation, it is essential that the customer provides a suitable SIM card to the engineer on the day of the visit. If it is not, then an additional charge will have to be made for a revisit.
9.    if you choose to postpone or cancel your installation within 10 working days of the installation date above, an admin fee of £100 + VAT will be chargeable. If installation is postponed or cancelled within 3 working days of the installation date, or in the event of the engineers being unable to complete the installation, the full install fee is chargeable.

10.    If completion of an installation is not possible on the day of the visit due to ommissions by the customer; this may invalidate any warranty on the product or the installation.

11.    If you choose to postpone or cancel the appointment within 10 working days of the confirmed visit date, an administration fee of £100 plus VAT will be chargeable. If the visit is cancelled is postponed or cancelled within 3 days of the visit date, the full fee is payable and if any re arranged visit will also be payable.

12.    We reserve the right to cancel/ postpone any visit due to a delay in the manufacturing process or to bad weather conditions.

13.    Warranty issues

a.    All products supplied by Barriers Direct have a warranty period of 12 months. In this period any components that become faulty through normal wear and tear will be replaced free of charge. In the event that it is found that a fault is the result of misuse by the customer or a third party, vandalism, vehicles, an ‘act of God’ or that a consumable  or consumables such as batteries  in photocells have not been replaced, then any replacement components and the engineers visit will be chargeable.
b.    The warranty is not transferable, it is between us and you, the Customer. If the end user is not the customer, then the customer must give written permission to us to give any information to the end user, such as how to change a keypad 
c.    Power – if no power on site the barriers cannot be commissioned. Therefore, warranty on the installation is invalid unless and until the product has been commissioned.
d.    The Automatic product warranties require that the product is well maintained and serviced after 6 months. Thereafter servicing is advised on a 6-monthly basis. You and/or the end user should follow the maintenance instructions in the O & M manual, which is advised to be kept with the equipment. We can arrange the 6 monthly service to be performed by our appointed engineers at an extra charge, or you can arrange for the equipment to be serviced by a qualified 3rd party engineer. Recording of what has been done and by whom should be noted in or with  the O &M manual. We reserve the right to charge for a warranty call out after 6 months from the start of the warranty, if a 6-month service has not been performed.
e.    Access control equipment warranties are on a ‘return to base basis’. i.e. they have to be removed and sent to the manufacturer for inspection, repair or replacement.
f.    We cannot accept any warranty responsibility for equipment that we have not supplied, such devices could be Keypads, Intercoms, GSM, security, fire, safety and other forms of integration. For example, if a GSM device has been supplied by a third party, even if it has been installed by the company’s appointed engineer, we cannot accept responsibility for it becoming faulty. Similarly, equipment not supplied by us is fitted after the original installation, by a third party, cannot be covered under any warranty, and could invalidate the original warranty of equipment supplied by us, if this additional equipment was incorrectly installed.
Prior to any call out request, you must confirm that they have completed the following: -
•    Any items that have batteries have been checked and replaced
•    Checked that nothing is obstructing the photocells/safety devices
•    Checked that where appropriate the equipment has a steady live power feed (230v)
•    Checked that any override open signals have been turned off
•    Tried to power down then waited one minute and powered back up
•    Checked that no ‘New’ work has been carried out around the equipment recently.
These simple actions resolve most issues, however If they do not resolve issue, then you should ring in and speak to Technical Support on 01827 870257 
Email :- (You will need to provide the fault code showing on PCI and a photo of effected area). 
Opening hours Mon-Thurs 07.30 – 17.00 Fri 07.30 - 16.00.
If a  Service Call is needed- You should provide answers to the following: -
•    What is the fault code displayed on the PCI control panel?
•    Is this repair an immediate priority/ Is the site a secure facility?
•    What times and days can an engineer attend site between?
•    Is a site induction required? If so how long is it, what days/times is it held?
•    Are there any special site requirements or constraints on site?

14.    If no site survey has been performed by an engineer appointed by us, products supplied by us are appropriate to the information given to the company by you. If equipment needs to be changed as a result of incorrect or incomplete  information been given by you, we cannot be held responsible or liable  for the equipment needing to be changed. Therefore, if any changes are needed to be made to the order consequently, any additions need to be charged for and any restocking fees/ manufacturing fees and collection fees would also apply.

15.    We will have no Liability if it is prevented or delayed from performing it’s obligations under the Contract due to matters beyond our reasonable control and in such circumstances may choose to suspend our performance or cancel the Contract without this suspension or cancellation affecting the company’s right to recover all sums owing to them in respect of orders or parts of orders already delivered and/or costs incurred at that date. Matters beyond our reasonable control shall include but not be limited to rules, regulations, requisitions or orders of the Government or a Local Authority, war, strike, accident, fire or shortages of labour or materials or non-delivery by our suppliers or damage to or destruction of the whole or part of the Goods. 

16.    Please note that it is the end user’s responsibility for ensuring that users of the equipment are properly trained and/ or informed as to how the equipment is used in a safe manner, thus reducing the risk of accidents caused by vehicles following another (tailgating) pedestrians, misuse, accidents caused by disregard of traffic lights where used or disregard of signage. We cannot accept any liability for accidents as described above or from acts of vandalism.

17.    If you are not able to provide appropriate unloading assistance such as forklift trucks, you should inform us that this is the case, then appropriate extra delivery costs will be quoted and charged. If a delivery has failed in the absence of appropriate assistance and equipment, a redelivery charge will be required, to include extra equipped delivery vehicles and manpower as necessary. 

18.    If equipment has been manufactured and remains in the factory for more than 1 month due to you not being ready to receive the goods, we will reserve the right to charge a storage fee.