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What is the best gate material to consider?

For residential driveway gates that stand the test of time, Barriers Direct strongly recommends aluminium.  Anti-rust and corrosion-free, aluminium is weatherproof meaning it can withstand all the seasonal elements and will not warp, erode or bend over time - perfect for the British climate! Aluminium remains cooler to touch than some metals even on the hottest summer days and is proven to become stronger when subject to freezing temperatures, unlike other metals which can become brittle. 

As well as being durable, aluminium is lightweight and sturdy enough to guarantee a smoothly operating gate when opening and closing for years to come.  Its lightweight properties can also result in a quick, straightforward installation process, meaning your driveway gates are up and running in no time. Our range of aluminium driveway gates are powder coated with different colour options to choose from, so you can ensure you are buying a great quality gate that also boasts a smart contemporary look. 

Do you need planning permission?

The good news is that in most instances, installing driveway gates does not require planning permission nor building regulation approval, provided the gate does not exceed a height of two metres (or one metre if installing next to a highway) from ground level. This goes for amending, removing or replacing existing gates that might already be installed. 

There are some instances where planning permission may need to be sought prior to fitting a gate however, including but not limited to:

If you are unsure about the legalities surrounding the installation of a new gate, we encourage you to seek professional advice before purchase. 

Do driveway gates increase property value?

Choosing a driveway gate sympathetic to your home’s style is a great way to help increase your property value, with some reports estimating the addition of one can add as much as 5% in value. As well as enhancing the overall look of your property for that all important “curb appeal”, driveway gates provide prospective buyers with a sense of security and an indication that the building has been well maintained and protected by its owners.

However, it’s important to note that the benefits to be had from a driveway gate often come down to the quality of fitting - a good looking gate made from top quality materials is redundant if it doesn’t perform consistently or safely. That’s why Barriers Direct offer a competitive fitting service so you can be sure that not only are you buying a high-quality gate from us that is built to last, but the installation is properly fitted, tested and importantly, safe to use. Our highly skilled installation team has many years experience fitting driveway gates, automatic and cantilever sliding gates. Get in touch with our team today to find out more - alternatively, your local fitter may also be able to help. 

Which gate is better, sliding or swing?

The simple answer is it entirely depends on what your requirements are.  Below we’ve listed the considerations that need to be evaluated when choosing a suitable gate for your needs.

Benefits of sliding gates 

A big advantage to the sliding gates we offer is they don’t run on a fixed track which have a tendency to fill with mud, grit and leaves which can affect performance. Instead they are gearbox and motor driven ensuring a smooth, gliding motion.  Our bi-folding sliding gates feature folding leafs which concertina out, parting in the middle to provide opening access and using less space of driveway areas. 


Benefits of swing gates

Swing gates are gates in the more traditional sense: they swing open to allow access for passengers, cars, lorries and other vehicles. 

Can they be automated?

We offer a range of automatic sliding cantilever gates better suited for industrial and business locations but unfortunately at present don’t offer automated driveway swing gates suitable for residential use. 

How long do they last?

With proper care, inspection checks and maintenance where required your gate will last for years to come.

We offer a year’s warranty on all our cantilever sliding gates, and a 5 year warranty as standard on our driveway, garden and side gates. 

How do I specify the gate width?

When measuring up your gate, it’s important to do this accurately and double-check before supplying the dimensions to ensure an adequate, secure fit. 

We request that you specify the overall opening width, whether that be brick wall to brick wall, or the edge to edge dimensions of fencing and hedges.  The dimensions of posts are not required.  To measure the height, please measure from the ground to the top height.  If there is a lip / hat for instance a pier cap, we will require the measurements up to the underside of this so we can account for brackets. Please do reach out to us if you need assistance with submitting these dimensions, our team would be happy to advise. 

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