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Parking Posts, Parking Bollards & Security Posts

Securing a parking space or private road has never been easier than with security posts. These simple devices provide an effective means of blocking off entry or exit from a designated area. They work by providing a solid barrier that vehicles cannot get by without having the necessary key to unlock them. Whether it is a small saloon or a caravan, you can find a variety of parking bollards and other security features to help safeguard your vehicle both at home and on the road.

We offer security posts and parking posts of various designs including foldable options. Bolted down or set in concrete, these posts require a key to unlock and lower into a horizontal position to allow vehicle passage. Raising them back into an upright position and locking them restores their barrier capabilities. We also offer a telescopic parking pole that can be lowered completely into the ground when not in use. They provide the best discretion when not in use and are less likely to suffer damage when driven over.

Removable security posts are also a great option for areas where occasional restrictions must be placed and digging deep enough for telescopic posts is not possible. A neat option, these posts can be availed in bolt down or concrete in versions. Our security posts come in a variety of heights and colours. We can provide you with a shiny metal finish, bright yellow, stripped, or other RAL colour options. Your choice of colour should depend on the aesthetic desired and visibility required.

We also offer additional vehicle security gadgets including vehicle clamps, gear stick locks, and steering wheel locks. Equipped with pick resistant locks, these devices offer an affordable but effective means of securing cars and vans. They can be used on a variety of vehicles and come in a highly visible yellow colour that easily deters thieves. 


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