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Safety Barriers

Take a minute to browse our wide range of quality safety barriers. Whether you are looking for pedestrian safety barriers or a strong safety barrier that provides maximum physical protection, we have just what you need. Browsing our wide selection, you are bound to find something no matter what you need. We hold safety barriers for industrial, residential, commercial, indoors or outdoors settings. Our extensive range also means that we are able to cater to a wide range of budgets.

Our sturdy, protective safety barriers are made from steel and other strong materials such as high-density polyethylene. This means they can withstand impacts, keeping pedestrians and equipment safe. We sell a selection of safety barriers that can be bolted or cemented firmly into the ground for permanent and reliable protection. Our barriers come finished in bright colours to make them highly visible. We sell barriers in a variety of shapes and sizes, including barriers that are ideal for corners.

We also stock a selection of crowd barriers that help keep people away from hazards and no-go areas. They are easy to set up and can be removed just as easily when needed. We sell crowd barriers that come with a base that provides sturdiness. Other designs are expandable, making them easy to use and also easy to store. We also sell wall-mounted barriers that make it easy for you to open or close areas as you need. The wall mounted units can be fixed with clips or with magnets and can be removed easily when needed.

Our water filled barriers can be filled with water after placement to provide sturdiness. They weigh 27.5kg when filled and the water can be easily drained when it is time to remove them. Our range also includes plastic safety barriers with warning signs that can be used alone or connected with other barriers. We also stock boom barriers that can be easily lifted by hand, as well as safety lights for maximum visibility. Look through our collection and choose the right safety barrier for your needs.


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