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Driveway Mirrors

The team at Barriers Direct brings you driveway mirrors that allow enhanced visibility around corners. Our road traffic convex mirrors are a great choice for outdoor areas prone to traffic accidents caused by poor visibility. Areas with blind spots would benefit from the installation of these driveway safety mirrors that can be easily fixed to a post to offer superior optical quality. They can be ordered in 450mm or 600mm diameter sizes.

Convex safety and surveillance mirrors come in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit varied needs. They also come in a choice of circular or rectangular. They are suitable for use in either indoor or outdoor areas. Their anti-UV treatment, wind-resistant design and durable polymer construction make them suited for exposure to even the harshest weather. This hardiness makes them ideal for use as driveway exit mirrors even in the long term.

Another good outdoor option is the VIALUX convex multipurpose driveway mirrors. They are built with smart black frames to allow them to blend discreetly into the environment. They make a good option for car parks, driveway exits and garages. This driveway mirror is anti-UV treated, built using durable polymer and wind-tested to cope with up to 183km/hr wind speeds. The mirror surface has also been anti-scratch and anti-static-treated. Although meant to blend in with the environment, their reflective surface is strong enough at closer distances to serve as driveway deterrents.

The VIALUX 3 Way blind spot classic multipurpose and junction mirror has a large convex surface that allows for a wider angle of view. It is a good option where there is limited space to mount multiple mirrors at a junction. Barriers Direct also offers a simple and economical driveway and parking mirror. Mounted on an articulated ball joint, this mirror is very easy to adjust and comes with a mounting bracket and bolt kit. It is a good option where drivers may require assistance parking. It is advisable to have an about 2-meter distance between the mirror and vehicle for effective use.


·         Easy to install

·         Wall-, ceiling- or post-mounted

·         Varied sizes available to suit different angles of vision and distance

·         Durable polymer construction

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