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Our security mirrors are ideal for residential driveways, around sharp corners on main roads, and many industrial settings. They provide increased visibility when needed most and a wider view of an otherwise narrow area. 

We have a great selection of security mirrors varying in size, design, and price to suit every need and budget. These mirrors can be used in a variety of settings, such as security mirrors for shops for extra surveillance and protection, and corner mirrors for sharp bends and driveways for increased visibility. 

Shop our full range of safety and security mirrors online today, all with free UK and express delivery. 

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Safety Security Mirrors

Do you need a safety mirror? We offer a wide range of safety and security mirrors. Our standard acrylic shop mirror is a common sight in many stores thanks to its excellent optical quality and vandal-resistant acrylic face. It comes with a PVC protective edge and zinc-plated fixings to allow for wall-mounting. The hemispherical safety security mirrors offer a wider view, making them suitable for stores and industrial structures. They are made of lightweight acrylic, allowing for easy ceiling- or wall-mounting.

Our panoramic 90° mirror offers excellent coverage and high-quality visibility. These inspection mirrors come in four different sizes ranging from 300mm to 490mm. You will find them highly durable thanks to the tough protective acrylic layer on the mirror face. Another great option for safety security mirrors is our discreet surveillance mirror, about an eighth of a sphere and which can easily fit into tight top corners.

Our standard surveillance mirrors come in a more traditional design and are best suited for indoor use. They are economical and easy to install. An articulated ball joint allows for up to 120° adjustment. We also have convex inspection mirrors for outdoor use. They are convenient for places such as angled driveways and tight parking spaces. They are also mounted on articulated ball joints for easy maneuverability.


For larger areas in which close monitoring is still required, such as warehouses and large department stores, our hemispherical mirrors are an excellent choice. These domed mirrors offer an impressive 180° field of vision. They are available in a choice of durable PMMA Plexiglas or UV-resistant Polymer.

Small businesses also have a need for security and here at Barriers Direct, we have just the solution. Our convex wall mirror detective is great for getting a wide-angle view in small spaces. These safety security mirrors offer excellent image quality and are protected by a shock-resistant acrylic layer.


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