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By Barriers Direct on 23/03/2020

Choosing the Best Bike Shelter for your Workplace

Choosing the Best Bike Shelter for your Workplace

Are you in need of a new bike shelter? Or want to encourage your staff to cycle to work? Whatever your reason for deciding to get a bike shelter, one of our bike storage systems will provide a safe and efficient way to keep your employees’ bicycles safe. With so many types, sizes and designs, it can be difficult to know which kind of bike shelter to choose, so we’ve compiled a guide to help you make your decision. 

Why install a bike shelter?

Bike shelters are an excellent way to motivate your staff to cycle to work, by providing them with a secure place to leave their bikes throughout the work day, and protect them from the unpredictable British weather. Rust and UV damage can pose a serious risk to your staff’s bicycles, and investing in a bike shelter can extend the longevity and protect the value of their bicycles over time.

In an age of eco-consciousness, a bike shelter is an easy way to show that you are committed to sustainability and reducing your company’s impact on the environment. Companies can lower their carbon footprint, gain green credentials such as ISO 14001, and take part in schemes such as Bike2Work, which help their employees to save money too. This scheme provides grants to companies that in turn allows staff to take out a loan from their company to purchase their bicycle at a discounted rate.

A bike shed in your office also can save your company space and money by cutting down on parking spaces and costs. Say goodbye to arguments over the best parking spots, and traffic-induced stress in the office. Cycling into work encourages your staff to feel happier, more energised and more productive. Providing them with a safe, effective shelter to store their bikes will boost their trust and motivation to get on the saddle.

At Barriers Direct, our bike shelters are made with galvanised steel, designed to withstand bad weather conditions, and come in either concrete- or bolt-down options. This makes them highly durable and long-lasting, so are a well-worth investment in your company, and the wellbeing of your staff. Our bike shelters come in a range of different designs, from traditional shelters to innovative, contemporary designs that can improve the aesthetic appeal of your establishment.

Types of Bike Storage Systems 

Bike Shelters

Cycle shelters are structures that protect bikes from the elements and damage to vulnerable parts of a bike such as the saddle, chain, and actor. They come in various designs, materials and sizes, depending on your needs. Bike shelters, or bike sheds,  are designed to cover existing bicycle racks or stands, and can be freestanding, such as our Cambourne shelter, or mounted to a wall or building, depending on your needs.  

Wall Mounted Bike Shelter with Sheffield Loops

Bike Shelters with Racks

We also offer cycle shelters that come with racks or stands inside them, such as our VS1 Bike Shelter. This would be the perfect choice for your first bike shed, as there is no need to source or purchase bike racks or stands.

VS1 Cycle Shelter


Bike Compounds


Our range of compounds offer the ultimate protection against theft and vandalism. This type of bike storage system allows you to not only store bicycles, but lock them away too. They are fully enclosed, with an access door, and space for cycle stands inside. This option is great for offices in busy, built-up areas where the general public has access to your buildings’ vicinity. Give your staff peace of mind knowing that their bikes are being safely stored within a bicycle compound such as our Bike Locker

Bike Locker


How secure does my bike shelter need to be?


It is important to consider your security needs when choosing your bike shelter. If your office is in a secure business park, then perhaps an open ended cycle shelter such as our Cambridge Bike Shelter would be suitable. However, if there is risk of theft or vandalism, products such as the Stratford Cycle Compound would give the necessary level of protection, with options to lock bicycles away safely and securely. In addition, bikes can be expensive, so a secure storage facility will give your staff more motivation to ride their bikes to work, and confidence in guaranteeing their safety throughout the day.

How many bikes do I need to store? 

The type of bike shed you choose must be suitable to fit the number of bicycles you need to store. Our shelters come in a range of different sizes, that can accommodate from 6 to 48 bikes, depending on your needs.

How much space do I need for my bike shelter?

There is a bike shelter for every space at Barriers Direct. Our bicycle storage systems can accommodate whatever amount of space you have available, with shelters that can be mounted to walls, and even cover vertical bike racks. Many of our shelters and compounds can also be made-to-order, and ensure that you make the best use of your space. 

Making your decision

Once you’ve chosen the right bike shelter for you, all that’s left to do is place your order with us. We also offer colour coating options, subject to availability. With free delivery and easy installation, your bike storage system will be up and running in no time. 

By Barriers Direct on 23/03/2020

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