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By Barriers Direct on 19/05/2021

Products for Construction Site Safety

Products for Construction Site Safety

Coordinating a construction project is time-consuming in itself. The legalities of planning permission and paperwork often take time and patience. When it comes to inhabiting the site, several things should be in place. 

Construction site health and safety are of the utmost importance. It ensures your employees have protection and building can successfully take place. If you’re wondering which item is required on all construction sites, the answer is that there are several.

Depending on the scale of your site, signage, equipment, and amenities should all be considered and catered for. Here are some of the essentials, and reasons why they are important construction site safety measures.

Construction Site Safety Equipment

Construction site safety means having suitable equipment to support your workforce. This is classified into two categories, personal protective equipment (PPE) and general safety equipment. 


Construction health and safety are largely supported by the use of PPE for all employees and visitors. With PPE, it’s important to ensure there are more than enough hard hats, high-vis jackets, and boots for all people visiting the site. These are the three main construction site items that support health and safety. 

There are also more specific PPE measures that should be put into place for employees carrying out labour-intensive tasks. These include ear defenders, dust masks, gloves, and eye protection. Using these safety items for construction will support insurance claims and keep safety measures in place.

General Equipment

Utilising your preliminary assessment, you will be able to decide on the specific tools needed for your build. These construction site items will include heavy machinery and tools but also smaller pieces of equipment. Consider precautionary materials such as barrier systems.

Barrier systems are an essential health and safety item in a construction site. They limit access to potentially dangerous areas. Safety barriers are essential for public access and to limit the access for workers as well. These smaller items are a necessity that should be accounted for. 

Storage & Amenities

Wondering which item is required on all construction sites? When it comes to storage facilities and amenities, there are several things to consider. Depending on the nature of your project, you may need to implement various solutions.


Having proper storage solutions for equipment is necessary. This ensures construction site safety and also protects your valuable equipment and supplies. Health and safety in a construction site can be adhered to through the use of appropriate storage equipment such as secure safes and sheds. Using organisational features is a smart way to adhere to safety regulations and protect your equipment.


The welfare of employees is essential in completing a project successfully. A long-term project requires certain facilities to be able to sustain and support your workforce. Adding these ensures your employees are taken care of and so, can do their job effectively. Take the time to consider:

  • Toilets

  • Changing areas

  • Drinking water

  • Rest/sleeping areas

These are particularly important when your project has a long-term timescale. Often these amenities are not considered as safety items for construction workers, but they should be accounted for.

Health and Safety Signage

Construction site safety tips include ensuring your signage is displayed clearly on a notice board. There are several different types of signage required and displaying them will likely reduce hassle and support your legal requirements. 


Amidst the current global pandemic, it is important to uphold safety when it comes to sanitation within your workplace. Construction health and safety measures have had to evolve to ensure that guidelines for distance are adhered to. Using signage to indicate hand sanitization units are the perfect way to remind your employees to disinfect before they enter a construction site.

Fire Safety & Evacuation

There are stringent rules concerning the health and safety of a construction site, especially when it comes to fire safety. As part of paperwork and planning, a risk assessment is mandatory and this includes an evacuation plan for all individuals on site. Once your plan has approval, it is wise to ensure your fire safety and evacuation signage are in order. 


One of the main construction site safety tips is to ensure your insurance is comprehensive and displayed on site. There are a few different types of insurance required:

  • Public Liability

  • Employers’ Liability

  • Professional Indemnity

  • Business Equipment

There may be more that are not listed, which is why it is important to consult with a professional to assess your needs. Regardless, the insurance you attain should be clearly accessible to view on site.


Several types of permits are required within building sites. Each permit refers to a specific construction site safety measure and the ability to legally carry out potentially dangerous tasks. These permits should be attained before construction begins so that the construction process can take place without limitations. These permits should be displayed clearly to ensure guidelines are being followed.

How Barriers Direct Caters

At Barriers Direct, we understand and cater to construction site safety requirements. We have a range of PPE and general workplace equipment to support your needs. As every environment is different, we offer customisable products which can be used to protect your workforce most appropriately.

Questions? Our friendly team is available on 0800 0288 010 to answer your questions and concerns. We look forward to working with you soon! 

By Barriers Direct on 19/05/2021

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