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By Barriers Direct on 18/01/2021

Make the Most of Your Space with a Cantilever Sliding Gate

Make the Most of Your Space with a Cantilever Sliding Gate

Keeping a property or private area safe and secure is of the utmost importance, especially if extra security is required due to valuable possessions or merchandise being stored in a certain area or building. But sometimes, it is very difficult to install a sturdy, well functioning electrical gate due to how bulky they are and how much space they require to open inwards and outwards. That’s where a cantilever sliding gate is essential. 

If you have never heard of cantilever gates then you’ve come to the right place, as we are here to give you the lowdown on absolutely everything you need to know about these space-saving sliding gates. 

Sliding Gates - Perfect if you’re Short of Space 

The majority of automatic gates need a lot of space to move through and open and close comfortably. Swing gates move in an arc position and require at least 90 degrees of space from their closed position. 

Sliding gates, on the other hand, slide to one side into space that is longer than their length, making it possible to install them in areas that suit minimal movement. 

How do Sliding Gates work?

Sliding gates function with a simple yet clever piece of technology. The sliding technology works by the gate running along a track that is fitted across the length of an entrance or exit to a property or an office space. This track is made long enough to extend beyond the side of the gate, meaning that when the gate is opened, it can simply slide along, completely out of the way. The best thing about the machinery involved in these sliding gates is that it can all be housed within a tamper-proof box. This provides extra peace of mind that nobody can get to it for any malicious reason. 

What is an Electric Cantilever Gate?

Cantilever gates consist of a single leaf that opens and closes horizontally to the size of an entrance, powered by a motor. The difference between a cantilever gate and a standard sliding gate is that it is suspended above the floor using a counterbalance. This means there are no rollers or wheels touching the ground, making it a much quieter alternative to a sliding gate. It can also be installed on uneven surfaces such as gravel or sloping driveways where any other gate type is impossible! 

The main advantages of a cantilever sliding gate are that they tend to have a much longer operational life than a sliding gate. They are also a lot easier to install as no major groundwork is required. They are completely unaffected by extreme weather conditions such as snow or uneven grounds such as cobblestone, making them a practical and reliable option. 

Cantilever Gates for Driveways 

There are several benefits and advantages to installing cantilever sliding gates to the driveway of your home. Right off the bat, they look good and very aesthetically pleasing, making your property look attractive to live in or sell on. They are also a much quieter gate when opening and closing to let cars come in and out of your driveway, making them particularly desirable in residential areas. Secondly, they provide homeowners with an added peace of mind as they offer added security with only individuals with access codes or remote controls being able to open and close the gates. 

Sliding gates also have a much smaller footprint than swing gates, meaning that vehicles can drive right up to the gate without needing to leave space or room for it to open. This is really ideal for properties close to a main road or with a smaller front garden. Cantilever sliding gates also have a built-in self-locking feature, meaning that you can choose to keep the gates open or closed whenever you please. 

Cantilever sliding gates are the ideal installation to your home if you are looking for added security. They provide your driveway with extra secure protection as they have added strength compared to traditional swing gates that have a weak spot in the middle. Sliding gates are one piece, so there is a much lesser risk of wear and tear from where the gates open and close. 

Cantilever Sliding Gates from Barrier Direct 

Here at Barriers Direct, we stock the highest quality cantilever sliding gates that are made from the strongest and most robust materials, such as Hi-grade aluminium, to ensure long-lasting lifespans. We offer bespoke heights to suit your specific needs and requirements with optional anti-climb spikes available for gates over 1500mm high. There is also a variety of infill options available and corporate colours available to request. 

Customer satisfaction and service is our main priority here at Barrier Direct, which is why we offer a bespoke service from design to manufacture when it comes to purchasing a cantilever gate from us. A custom-built gate can be made to match existing fencing or surroundings, ensuring that the final product is exactly what is required. 

To find out more about our cantilever sliding gates and the various options available, contact one of our dedicated team members online to call us directly on 0800 0288010. 

By Barriers Direct on 18/01/2021

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