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By Barriers Direct on 14/12/2020

Storage For New Bikes To Get Your Kids at Christmas

Storage For New Bikes To Get Your Kids at Christmas

With Christmas finally, only around the corner, you may be thinking of the perfect gift to place under the tree for your kids. If you have children who are avid bike riders or cyclists, a bike hoist for their shiny brand new bike may be the ideal present for them to end this year with. 

Now more than ever is the time to be investing in good quality bikes for you and your family. Cycling has become the new mode of transportation to quickly and safely get people in a rush from A to B in no time. Cities all over the country, including the Capital, are becoming a lot more cycle-friendly by installing cycle-only lanes and introducing increased congestion charge restrictions for vehicles. 

Since the start of lockdown, pedestrians have been encouraged to commute by foot or by bike to avoid overcrowding on tubes and buses. This is to obviously limit the spread of infection in closed spaces. Cycling is also a great form of exercise that can be easily done daily, especially given the closures of gyms and exercise centers. There are so many reasons why you should be investing in good-quality bikes for you and your little ones, as well as the appropriate storage solutions to keep those bikes safe and secure for further peace of mind.

Save Floor Space With a Bike Hoist System 

It isn’t often when you find vertical storage being used in a small garage or shed. A few shelves are usually just screwed onto the wall with storage boxes piled on top of them. While this may be the “easy option”, it doesn’t make the most of the available space and can be a hindrance to storing other, larger objects effectively with whatever space is left over. 

One of the main reasons that a lot of people are apprehensive about investing in bikes is due to the fact that they have very limited space to store them safely. Investing in a bike pulley system can be just the answer you are looking for. Bike lifts are very easy to use and install. They are ceiling hoists that hold bicycles, small or large, firmly and securely in place. They help to maximize storage and not overcrowd an already small shed or garage. 

Bike hoist systems aren’t just for garages and sheds, they are the best indoor bike storage solutions for small flats and apartments too. Cyclists and families that live in small spaces know this conundrum all too well, wanting to have their bikes easily accessible but detest constantly tripping over them. Well, not anymore thanks to the incredible bike lift that can use your available ceiling space to store on or more of your and your family’s bikes. This way your bikes are kept inside of your flat without taking up any precious, and much-needed floor space.  

Keep Your Bike in Top Condition With a Bike Hoist 

Keeping a bike stored indoors has a number of benefits for your bicycle as harsh weather conditions can take their toll on the condition and quality of your bike. It obviously depends on where you live, but bikes that are parked with a lot of humidity or rain are a lot more likely to corrode quicker. Leaving your bike out for a couple of days isn’t that big of a deal, even if left in the rain, but after a week there may be visible damage starting to appear on your bike. 

Bike chains will also begin to rust, especially in excessive wet weather. The dangerous part is that it can be a slow and subtle process, depending on the level of chain on your bike. Higher-quality chains contain more stainless steel so they will not rust as quickly as lower-end chains. In hotter weather conditions, plastic and rubber parts of your bike will start to break down and the colour of the bike can start to fade, making the plastic more brittle. 

A bike pulley system will help avoid all of these problems as bikes will no longer need to be left out in the cold (or heat) but can be easily stored indoors. 

A Bike Hoist from Barriers Direct 

Here at Barriers Direct, we sell bike racks that are simple to install and use for storing your bicycles in the most secure way possible. The bike pulley system is one of the most popular bike storage solutions, due to its simple installation and maximising the rest of the space in a small room for extra storage.  

A bike pulley system provides efficiency as it helps you easily lift and lower objects with no difficulty or strain. It also has a very clever auto-locking mechanism to prevent accidental release, protecting your bike from unintentional damage. This sturdy bike storage pulley can hold a maximum load of 50 Ibs, which means even larger bikes can be stored away securely. 

We offer a warranty of up to one year as standard with a bike hoist from Barriers Direct. To find out more about this fantastic bike storage system, get in touch with one of our team members online or call us on 0800 0288010. 

By Barriers Direct on 14/12/2020

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