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By Barriers Direct on 13/08/2020

Driveway Gates: The Best Theft Protection

Driveway Gates: The Best Theft Protection

Keeping your home feeling safe and secure is understandably a high priority for all homeowners. It’s important to keep your personal living space the constant safe haven that you need.

One of the most effective ways to keep your house protected is by installing driveway gates at the front of your home to monitor who is entering and exiting at all times, as well as making sure no passers-by or walking pedestrians can easily reach your front door without alerting you. 

Feeling safe in your home is more crucial than ever with an increased number of us staying at home during continuous periods of lockdown due to coronavirus.

There has also been an increase in theft since the start of coronavirus, particularly pets being stolen from homes and residential areas for re-selling and breeding purposes, in order to gain extra money during this economically difficult period.

Intruders are even reported to be cutting holes in wired, low maintained, and very weak barbed-wired fences and sneaking beloved animals through these holes with homeowners being none the wiser. Solid driveway gates made from robust materials such as hardwood and strong metals would eliminate this risk of theft and keep all the occupants in the house well-protected. 

This increase in pet theft has been mirrored in the increase of car theft and bike thefts too. We've everything you need to protect your bike from theft, but for an extra level of home security, a driveway gate is the obvious answer.

People (and pets) want to feel protected in their own homes and installing such measures as strong metal and wooden driveway gates is a simple solution to this, as well as a cost-effective method with the continuous and constant use of these driveway gates outweighing the initial cost of purchase and installation. 

There are so many several options of driveway gates available to suit your home when it comes to size, aesthetics, and personal budget.

Wooden Driveway Gates

A good driveway gate can add an aesthetic improvement to a house as well as being an effective security measure. Wooden gates offer a very traditional look to your property’s driveway as they can be easily matched to any existing fencing around the property. Wooden gates also really suit surrounding hedging. 

Wooden driveway gates come in a variety of materials to suit the colour and design you would like as well as suiting particular budget requirements. There are several softwoods and hardwoods (the more expensive option) such as; oak, redwood and iroko. 

Wooden Driveway Gate


  • Usually a cheaper option than metal driveway gates.

  • Have a more conventional and attractive appearance.


  • Need to be well maintained to stop them from warping.

Metal Driveway Gates 

Metal gates are the usual option when it comes to creating a very high level of security for a property. There are several very attractive and decorative metal gates in the Barriers Direct range to choose from for extra aesthetics to a house.

Metal driveway gates are usually made out of iron, aluminium or steel.

Wrought Iron Driveway Gate


  • Requires less maintenance than wood 

  • More robust and resistant compared to wood, especially in tough weather conditions.  


  • May be a less attractive option, depending on budget

  • Typically more expensive than wooden gates 

Both wooden and metal driveway gates can come in a double-swing design with can add an increased aesthetically pleasing look to a property. They may also be a more practical option compared to sliding gates for wider driveways, even though they may be more work to open and close. Swinging driveway gates are usually less expensive to install than sliding gates as all they require are sturdy fence posts and hinges. 

Electrical Driveway Gates

Automated gates are a modern solution that allows more convenience when it comes to operating your driveway gate. There will be, however, a degree on ongoing maintenance to consider when opting for electrical gates which is worth thinking about depending on your particular requirements and budget. 

Electrical driveway gates can be easily installed with the most common method being to attach a swinging arm to the gate that is then powered by a gear kit contained inside a secure box near the gate. This is a very effective way to monitor anybody trying to enter the premises at any given time and have a record of various visitor entrance times. 

Driveway Gates at Barriers Direct

You can find our selection of driveway gates here, and ensure that your children, pets, and vehicles are safe and from intruders and traffic.

Looking for a range of security gates and turnstiles? We can help with those too!

By Barriers Direct on 13/08/2020

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