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By Barriers Direct on 15/10/2019

Van Vaults: The Newest Innovation in Vehicle Security

Van Vaults: The Newest Innovation in Vehicle Security

Van Vaults: The Newest Innovation in Vehicle Security

We’ve all seen the label on the back of a van: No tools are left in this vehicle overnight.

But considering that the average tradesperson’s van will contain tools of just under £3,000 in value at any given time, many thieves will nevertheless take exception to the message and try their hand at stealing the goods locked within.

The tradesperson’s conundrum

In the UK, there are almost 300,000 van break-ins every year. 1 in 3 tradespeople will have their tools stolen from their van at some point in their career.

There are lots of ways to secure your van, such as vehicle locks, wheel clamps and, if you’re at home, improving your driveway security in general. Nevertheless, tool theft remains on the rise. There are fears of an epidemic plaguing the country, leaving tens of thousands of tradespeople substantially out of pocket, their livelihoods hanging in the balance. However, many of these individuals continue to believe that it will never happen to them — until it’s too late.

Most tradespeople need to carry a significant volume of equipment on a day-to-day basis because they don’t know what the next call-out might entail. What’s more, gone are the days when most could get by with a simple canvas holdall in which to carry their tools.

In a time when thieves are now committing break-ins in as little as 10 seconds by using exponentially intelligent technology and ever-more savvy methods, tradespeople are demanding to know with greater confidence than ever before that their tools are safe when their van is left alone. But after a long hard day of solid labour, the last thing you want to do is remove a great many heavy and valuable tools and pieces of equipment from your van, only to have to reload them in the morning. The dilemma can sometimes feel insurmountable.

But there is a solution.

Van vaults

Van vaults are tool chests suitable for the vast majority of vans and lorries. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can store everything from copper pipes to power tools. The van vault is the perfect added level of security your vehicle needs against those who would seek to ruin your business.

Van vaults typically consist of a fully phosphated anti-corrosion protective outer layer and a 3mm steel inner layer. Dropdown recessed handles with rubber pads ensure comfort when lifting. The bolt-on lid handle is designed to shear off if attacked. The lock sits deep within the body of the vault and, at 70mm thick and boasting anti-rust, anti-drill and anti-pick properties, it is virtually impossible to break.

The most popular van vaults in the UK are produced by a company of the same name. Van Vault is the UK’s number one brand for keeping your tools stored and secured. The company developed their first prototype over 2 decades ago and have gone from strength to strength ever since.

The good people over at Van Vault believe that hard-working, honest tradespeople have the right to know that their equipment is safe at all times, which is why the company have conducted rigorous research and testing to craft the most secure vault for your vehicle. Barriers Direct are very proud to stock these exceptional van vaults.

What makes van vaults such a great security solution?

Van Vault have been designing, developing and producing exceptional theft-prevention storage solutions for commercial vehicles for decades. That means you — and your tools — are in safe hands.

Van Vault’s van vaults (try saying that after you’ve had a few) come with the highest certifications, including the Secured by Design Police-Preferred Specification (SBD), a national police initiative which provides safety accreditation and approval for the quality of security products. The entire range of products by Van Vault holds a Solid Secure Silver certification, so you can rest assured that, no matter which storage solution you choose, it will keep your tools and equipment safe from pilfering fingers.

Some of the key features of the van vault include strengthened mounting points and an anti-theft fixing kit, which comes with the product. A flush front lid provides fortification against crowbars. A hardened steel plate covers the recessed vault to prevent accidental damage to keys.

There are a number of fantastic van vaults to choose from.

Van Vault XL

The Van Vault XL was the first large van storage box to be independently tested and SBD-certified for security resistance against attack. It is perfect for tradespeople dealing with especially large tools.

Van Vault Slim Slider

This vault is perfect for those tradespeople seeking a space-saving solution in their vehicle. Designed to offer a secure, low-visibility drawer system for storing and protecting power tools in their carry cases, the Slim Slider can store up to 6 such tools in a single layer. You also have the option of dividers for the drawers in order to store tools separately.

Van Vault Mobi

The Van Vault Mobi is ideal for those seeking a storage box that is affordable, easily transported and just as effective an anti-theft solution as any other product in the Van Vault range. This storage box is particularly useful for the storage of hand tools and the accessories that come with them.

Considerations when choosing your van vault

Every van vault is different. The properties of the vault you opt for depend on your top priorities when it comes to your van and tool security.

Which vault is right for me?

It’s important to consult your vehicle handbook or the instructions provided by your vehicle manufacturer or local dealership in order to locate the appropriate fitting points and installation method for your vault. This will avoid any risk of damaging your vehicle during the installation process or selecting inappropriate fittings. 

Will a van vault impact my insurance premium?

Every insurance company is different. They will assess your insurance policy and calculate from a myriad of factors whether or not securing a van vault will reduce your premium. In short: a vault may affect your insurance premium, but speak to your provider.

What if I want to sell my vehicle?

If the time has come for you to put your vehicle on the market, you can either sell it with the van vault already fitted or choose to remove it. However, if you opt for the latter then remember that the vehicle you’ll be selling will have fitting-point holes remaining within.

You can’t put a price on vehicle security

Peace of mind is utterly invaluable when it comes to your business. Van Vault’s experience, knowledge and innovation mean that investing in one of their secure storage products is the best possible way of ensuring the safety of your tools, equipment and vehicle in general when you leave it unattended, whether at night or when you’re on a job.

Here at Barriers Direct, we are proud to stock Van Vault’s fantastic secure storage products, including those mentioned above as well as numerous other types. You’re guaranteed to find the van vault that best suits your security and storage needs with Barriers Direct. Ensure the security of your tools, your vehicle and your livelihood today.

By Barriers Direct on 15/10/2019

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