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By Barriers Direct on 17/06/2021

Social Distancing in the Workplace: A Guide

Social Distancing in the Workplace: A Guide

With the world dusting itself off and returning to normality, we’ll soon all be back to a more traditional working environment.

But, being back in the familiar settings of our workspaces doesn’t mean abandoning all health and safety precautions.

Social distancing in the workplace is a challenging but vital part of returning to office life. Keeping your business positive and safe during these times isn't easy. But it can be the difference between ca welcoming workplace and an office that your employees are uncomfortable being in on a daily basis.

A motivated and comfortable team is a productive team. You’ll be relying on your staff to give it their all in pushing forward with your business past COVID, and they’ll be counting on you to provide workplace social distancing rules.

Helping them understand this through clear instructions and access to social distancing products is essential.

Here are some of the most effective ways to prepare your office staff for a return to the workplace. Implementing these social distancing and safety methods will help to create a better environment and get your business on the path to the familiar office buzz that existed before COVID.

Maintain Separation with a Keep Your Distance Sign

It’s never an easy conversation to have with someone when they’re not following social distancing in the workplace. A keep your distance sign that clearly states distance guidelines makes that awkward interaction unnecessary and keeps your team feeling safe to enter the workplace again.

Maintain social distancing at work through social distancing products such as 2m apart signs and protective screens for the safety of your employees.

Floor signs: Remind visitors and employees to always keep their distance with specific signage that cannot be ignored. A strong adhesive keeps the sign in place, and loud colours ensure that it’s clear, concise, and instantly noticeable.

Floor marking tape: Mark up aisles, flooring or secluded areas of any surface to keep returning workers clean, safe and clear on social distancing rules at work. This simple and cost-effective method of implementing social distance boundaries is also ideal for warehouses, small work areas, and production facilities.

Protective screens and dividers: Make social distancing at work easier with screens and barriers that act as contamination shields between workers. Whether it’s at a counter or a work desk, visitors and employees will feel safer and more comfortable clocking in every morning knowing that the business they work for has their best interests in mind.

Set-up hand sanitiser dispenser stations

It’s not about getting everyone back into the routine of office life again. It’s also about making sure there’s less chance of having to return to working from home again.

Make sure that your hand sanitiser dispenser stations are in the most relevant workplace areas:

  • Entrances

  • Exits

  • Meeting rooms

  • Cafeteria areas

  • Staff kitchen areas

In the post-COVID workplace, the number of germs we get exposed to on a daily basis requires hand protection. Installing hand sanitiser dispenser products in the workplace isn’t a need from now on; it’s a responsibility.

Workplace Social Distancing with Barriers Direct

Our wide range of products to maintain social distancing in the workplace are made with the highest quality materials to provide the ultimate protection from COVID in the workplace.

Barriers Direct workplace social distancing products:

  • 2m apart signs

  • Keep your distance sign products

  • Floor signs

  • Protective screens and dividers

  • Hand sanitiser dispenser stations

  • Social distance enforcers

  • COVID-19 PPE

  • Other coronavirus signage, UK made


Our social distancing in the workplace products comes with flexible payments options and free UK delivery on all products (with express delivery options).

When your staff take those first steps back into normality, make them feel protected and supported by your business. A little preparation now can make that return to the workplace less daunting.

By Barriers Direct on 17/06/2021

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