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By Barriers Direct on 01/04/2021

3 Queue Management Products for a Post COVID World

3 Queue Management Products for a Post COVID World

After all the events of the past year, it has become clear that normal life is set to have some changes. Some of these changes include limitations of the number of people that can enter and be within a space. Limiting the number of people in businesses and shops is a challenge without the correct infrastructure in place. We want to support you with queue management products that help to ease this transition. 

We have a wide range of products which include wall-mounted, retractable and rope barriers to suit your needs. All of the products we stock are designed to successfully implement queue management systems. Here are our top picks.

Wall-Mounted Barriers

Wall-mounted barriers are a fantastic way to enforce queue management. A versatile option that is appropriate for almost every business. These barriers are sturdy, reliable and will provide you with the safety measures required to get back up and running. We stock a few different kinds.

Glass Mounted

We stock a variety of glass-mounted barriers, all of which have been specifically created to be placed on glass surfaces. They are attached through adhesive pads, which have been designed to strongly hold the mechanism on. Additionally, they contain a clip for the webbing to be attached securely when in use. 

Here are our recommendations:


Reflective Strip Barrier

For night use, the reflective wall-mounted barriers are ideal. The webbing is reflective, ensuring it is a piece of queue management equipment that will be seen and adhered to. Similar to the glass-mounted barrier, it is also adhered to with adhesive pads and attached at the other end with a wall clip.

Here are our recommendations:

Warehouse Rack Mounting

When enforcing queue management within industrial settings, you may require an alternative barrier type. The warehouse rack fixed barriers are ideal for mounting, with rack fixings on the back. These will keep your barriers secure and ensure you are able to control the movement of individuals within the space.

Here are our recommendations:

Heavy Duty

With some queue management systems and businesses, heavy-duty wall-mounted racks may be required. In this case, we provide options that are sleek and simple as well as bolder designs, which are clearer with instructions. If you require a more heavy-duty option, these are perfect for you.

Here are our recommendations:

Standing Barriers 

Standing barriers are an effective way to enforce queue management systems in the UK. They have long-standing use and suit a variety of indoor and outdoor situations. They are also suitable for various businesses, from retail to industrial and everything in between. We stock a versatile range for you to choose from.

Indoor & Outdoor

When it comes to queue management, it is likely that depending on your business, you may need to support queue management systems in a variety of settings. We are able to support both indoor and outdoor management, as well as night-time settings.

Here are our recommendations:


Queue management equipment is not limited to the flow of individuals. This also includes traffic management. This type of management is essential in limiting the amount of traffic and therefore visitors within an area. It is likely that this type of management will be used more frequently going forward.

Here are our recommendations:

Rope Barrier

The use of rope barriers is versatile and can be used in various settings. It is an effective way of enforcing queue management systems in the UK as it is widely known to be a way of limiting the flow of individuals. Depending on your business, we have several styles and colours to suit you. We also have accessories to help to support you with using the products.

Here are our recommendations:

Making Your Choice

Each business is going to have a different set of specifications they need to adhere to. When deciding on the correct equipment to support your business with its queue management, we recommend a few things. Assess the space, decipher the type and amount of equipment you will need, and then head to our website to see how we can cater. We have a dedicated team who will support you with your decision and ensure you have the correct facilities to support your business.

We look forward to supporting you with all of your barrier needs. Pop us a call on 08000288010 to find out more.

By Barriers Direct on 01/04/2021

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