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By Barriers Direct on 16/11/2020

Try Parcel Boxes For Peace of Mind This Christmas

Try Parcel Boxes For Peace of Mind This Christmas

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year. And the countdown to the big day is always lots of fun, from putting up your Christmas tree to opening each little window on your advent calendar.

One thing that has us all running from pillar to post during the lead up to Christmas Day is, of course, present shopping. Christmas shopping, however, will look very different this year thanks to COVID-19, with the majority of shops shut down for Lockdown 2.0, and social distancing restrictions in place in the ones that are open. 

We certainly won’t be seeing the hustle and bustle on the high street that we’d expect at this time of year. In fact, it’ll come as no surprise that online shopping is set to increase drastically over the build-up to Christmas. Home deliveries are set to experience a 54% increase, with parcel drops at front doors becoming the new normal. It means that more and more parcels and packages will be left on front doors, front porches and at back doors.

Now, this isn’t so much of an issue when the parcel is small enough to camouflage in between the bushes or hide under a welcome mat. The worry arises when larger-sized parcels are left unattended, and can attract unwanted attention. This is an ongoing issue in the UK. In fact, parcel thefts have been steadily increasing over the years.

A Safe Home For Large Parcel Boxes

Receiving large parcels whilst not being home has never been easier and safer with a Paccobox Extra Large Parcel Box. This state-of-the-art extra large post box is the perfect solution for storing your large parcels safely and securely. It’s especially handy for receiving parcels when you’re not home for a lengthy period of time, and still want to get parcels delivered to your doorstep. These parcel boxes are designed with locking points, which means guaranteed firmness and security. A courier will deliver a parcel and block the lock. The lock is kept closed, and can only be opened by a key. 

This heavy-duty post box is made with electro-galvanized sheet metal for extra sturdiness and strength, and powder-painted to retain its polished finish and keep parcels protected from the British weather. It can be discreetly installed by your front or back door for extra security and safety. It also works well as a secure wall-mounted post box at the entrance of your residence for couriers to find and identify easily. 

A Letterbox For Large Parcels in Any Setting 

One of the best things about this wall-mounted post box is its versatility to fit in a number of settings, not just the home. The Paccobox can be integrated into a bank of multiple mail-boxes thanks to its compatibility with mailbox configuration dimensions. This means it is ideal for public settings, such as large office spaces or residential apartment blocks that receive several parcels on a daily basis. 

The compact size of these secure wall-mounted post boxes means several of them can be installed in a communal place without disrupting the setting or causing overcrowding. So, large parcels can still be delivered to a place of work or residence and be stowed away securely until they’re retrieved by the respective owner. 

With all of the functionality and security the Paccobox offers, it really is one of the best ways to receive large parcels for ease of mind and no stress or hassle. Christmas shopping definitely doesn’t need to be put on hold this year with this extra-large post box keeping all your gifts securely stored. That is, until you’re able to unlock them and wrap them up. There really is no limit to your online Christmas shopping with this parcel box, with no gift being too large or impractical for delivery!

To find out more about the Paccobox and any other parcel boxes we have in stock, you can contact us directly. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to help and advise you. 

By Barriers Direct on 16/11/2020

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