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By Barriers Direct on 20/07/2020

How to Keep Your Bike Safe and Secure

How to Keep Your Bike Safe and Secure

The complete standstill of the nation during the coronavirus lockdown has meant that simple travel and mobility has dramatically changed. Due to social distancing rules and government restrictions, it’s no longer a simple daily routine of catching the bus or jumping on the train. 

The government has encouraged the idea of traveling on foot (or wheels) by walking or cycling to work to allow for more outdoor activity and limit other forms of transportation that could spread the infection. This, of course, is helped by the cycle-to-work scheme for professionals that are able to bike it to work, for their own safety as well as others. 

As terrific as this scheme is when it comes to major health benefits for all involved, there is a slight downfall to relying on a bike as a mode of transportation. That’s the storage and security of bikes when they’re not being used.

If bicycles do not have appropriate storage solutions when they are not in use, then it becomes very easy for the bike to be swiped off the street by an opportunistic thief. There are numerous reports in recent weeks that states the theft of bikes has exponentially increased since the start of lockdown, with an increase of approximately 50% when it comes to a bike being stolen from people’s home and places of work. 

This is mainly down to the dip in availability of bicycles on the market due to increased demand. Everybody wants to cycle more around their towns and use a bike as their main mode of transportation, but the bike manufacturers can’t keep up.

With the increase and popularity of sales comes further desperation from those unable to purchase a bike conventionally, hence the greater rise of bike robberies in recent times (whether the thieves want to ride the bikes themselves or sell them on).   

This has only increased the need for effective bike storage units such as Bike Racks at your home and place of work to keep them safe and secure when they are not being used on the road. There are many options available when it comes to choosing the perfect bike stand or a bike rack for your bicycle. 

Bike Stands and Bike Racks 

The best way to ensure the safety of your bike is by securely chaining it to a sturdy bike rack, which can be fitted to any outdoor space. For example, many workplaces have bike stands fitted by their building entrance.

One of the most popular bicycle stands is The Sheffield Stand which comes in a range of designs, sizes, and colours. This classic British design is an extremely cost-effective solution for bike parking and the perfect fixture for any outdoor space. 

The Sheffield bike stand’s sturdy yet streamlined construction is made from a thick stainless steel tube, which is bent into the shape of a round or square arch. This practical design allows you to firmly lock the frame, front wheel and rear wheel of your bike to the stand, acting as a safeguarding solution against easy theft. The Sheffield bike stands also vary in price to suit your individual budget. 

Another fantastic bicycle stand is the City Giro Stand which is designed in a way to blend in with its surroundings while still providing an extremely functional method of securing bikes. 

Its sleek, circular design is an ideal choice for a more aesthetically pleasing bike stand. The City Giro Stand is made out of the strongest steel and its sturdy construction and functional design make it very durable. This bike stand can be easily installed to protect your bike from any potential theft. 

For a more space-effective option, check out our wide range of Wall-Mounted Bike Stands and Racks which are the perfect storage solution for keeping your bike safe, as well as saving space outdoors where there may be less available pavement area to fit in bike racks. These bike wall mount stands can be fitted indoors or outdoors for extra safety. They also vary in price to suit individual budgets and are securely fitted to secure either individual bikes or several bikes at once.  

Motorcycle Security Ground Anchor

If you are a motorbike or moped driver and looking for a safe and secure method of storing your vehicle when it’s not on the road, then check out our Motorcycle Security Ground Anchor Stand

This anchor stand is a square telescopic ground anchor that is designed as a locking point for motorbikes and is the ideal security solution for these two-wheeled motor vehicles. Its simple design means it can be installed virtually anywhere and it retracts back into the ground when not in use for extra space efficiency. 

So whether you’re on an average moving bicycle or drive a two-wheel heavy piece of machinery, there is a storage solution for any type of bike to make sure it is kept safely and securely and eliminate the risk of it being stolen from your home, workplace or any outdoor area you wish to park it when not in use.

By Barriers Direct on 20/07/2020

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