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By Barriers Direct on 29/05/2020

How to Effectively Control Pedestrian Flow in a Commercial Space

How to Effectively Control Pedestrian Flow in a Commercial Space

Working in a large, multifaceted company has many great benefits and perks to it. The versatility that comes with a multilayered company, and the different employees and people you are exposed to on a daily basis is both exciting and refreshing. 

One thing that is difficult, is keeping track of everyone that passes through the buildings and any important visitors or clients that may be coming through the doors. 

Whether you are hoping to control and keep track of passers-by and visitors that come to the building on foot or by car, there are barrier solutions for each. 

Parking facilities 

Keeping tabs on whoever enters and exits your commercial workspace starts before they even come close to the building itself. 

Implementing effective barrier solutions and parking facilities in your car park is the best place to start when it comes to keeping track of who is entering your (often busy) commercial workspace at any given time.   

Installing cantilever sliding gates at the entrance of your warehouse, or even your car park, allows you to monitor who is entering and exiting the commercial workspace with their vehicle. With manual and automatic options available to control these sliding gates, it has never been easier to monitor a restricted area. 

These sliding gates can be controlled by the use of a remote control, or designed to have designated opening times to allow for a more fluid and constant flow of visitors. You are able to set the exact, designated times during which you would like the gates to be opened or closed for authorized entrance, with additional set opening and closing speeds.   

So, if you would like less pedestrian flow at various times of the day, the cantilever sliding gate is the perfect parking facility to install. 

They are also a great security and safety feature to install, as they are made from very tough and durable materials, which means they withstand any weather conditions and act as a sturdy and secure barrier for any unwanted or unauthorized vehicles or pedestrians entering a commercial premises. 

Parking bollards can also be installed to control the number of vehicles designated to park in a restricted area to avoid the risk of overflow, or undesignated vehicles parking on a private commercial space. 

Bollards, bollards, bollards

When it comes to informing pedestrians of a commercial workspace or a privately owned building, one of the best ways to do so is by installing bollards in place on the outskirts of the premises. 

I know what you’re thinking, bollards can be a real eyesore and potentially ruin the aesthetics of a building, especially a beautifully designed architectural development. Well no need to worry, as there are so many designs, colours and materials to choose from when it comes to choosing the best bollards to suit each outdoor area. 

From wooden bollards, to concrete bollards there is a whole range of designs to choose from and install to suit your building’s needs and style. They are ideal for most environments, especially public commercial spaces and their classic, simple aesthetic blend in with most landscape designs. 

If you are looking to protect your commercial space from possible vehicle collisions, given your development is on a busy main road perhaps, or cars are permitted to enter up until a certain point, then concrete bollards are the best option in this case. They distinguish that vehicles are unable to pass this point, and it is only designated and accessible for pedestrians on foot.

Concrete bollards are made from the toughest and most durable concrete material, meaning they are able to withstand all weather conditions, and provide tough and solid protection for pedestrians against potential vehicles. 

This means they are great for protecting your workspace from unwanted vehicle entry if you are wanting to monitor who enters the building by foot only. 

Wooden and steel bollards are also available as an alternative option for a different aesthetic look, as they can come in a range of colours and shades and can be installed with automatic light features to provide a bright pathway for pedestrians during evening hours. 

Stay in control 

Installing and implementing these barrier and bollard solutions are a great and effective way to keep control of who is entering a commercial workspace during a given time. 

They also ensure unauthorised vehicles are unable to enter by the effective parking facilities and concrete bollards which act as a defence barrier and safety for pedestrians.

These features really give you the peace of mind that the safety and pedestrian flow of who is entering the building at any given time, is in constant control and monitored without it taking your personal time or energy.

By Barriers Direct on 29/05/2020

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