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By Barriers Direct on 26/05/2020

Why you should become a cycle-friendly employer

Why you should become a cycle-friendly employer

The economy, health system, and working environment have all been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Offices around the country have been forced to shut down and we’ve all adapted to a new working routine - at least those of us still able to work at all.

We’re glad to see that the lockdown restrictions are being cautiously lifted, with the government encouraging people to return to work - provided their workplace can comply with coronavirus-safe policies. With those getting infected becoming less and less, and vigilance from everyone - the nation is able to get back to a slight adjustment back into normality. 

The government has stated that people should continue to avoid public transport whenever possible, and is encouraging people to cycle or walk to work if at all possible. However, many employers, especially in the cities, are beginning to realise that their workplace is not cut out for cyclists, with the number one issue being a lack of secure bike parking facilities.

Cycle-to-work scheme 

The cycle-to-work scheme is being heavily encouraged by the government. Employers are being encouraged to implement this scheme to reduce the number of people on closed spaced public transport, such as trains and buses, and opt for being out in the fresh air as they commute to work. 

Aside from majorly lowering the risk of infection and passing on the virus, hopping on a bike to get to work has a number of beneficial advantages. 

Bikes are easy to store and protect

Installing bike racks and bike shelters in your workplace is a simple and inexpensive way to show your employees that you care about both their health and the security of their bikes. Having an on-premises bike shelter means your employees have somewhere to store their (possibly new, possibly expensive) bike, that isn’t on the street.

Our bike shelters are durable and sustainable, protecting bikes from all weather conditions as well as being a safe storage solution. Bikes can be chained and locked into these racks - lowering the risk of theft or damage.

Bike shelters or bike stands?

Bike shelters can hold and store a large number of bikes, making them a great transport storage solution (especially considering the space a car park can take up, for example).

If you don’t have the space on your premises to install a bike shelter, consider installing bike stands. Our Sheffield Stands are fixed in concrete or bolted into the ground, providing a secure and space-saving way to store a small number of bikes. Our Galvanised Cycle Stands are even recommended by the National Cycling Association.

The financial benefits

Hundreds and thousands of pounds are spent each year on travel costs going to and from work on a daily basis. Weekly fares on train and bus tickets can cost employees a large chunk of their wages, especially if travelling a long distance.

Even for those who don’t use public transport, cycling to work is a covid-secure and economical option, as fuelling, congestion charges and maintenance costs for cars can quickly build up and re-fuelling cars requires handling of unsanitized petrol pumps.

The cost of a good quality bike can range in the low to mid hundreds (it can be higher if you’re after something spectacular) as a one off payment. Other than some optional additional extras, and tool kits for maintenance, there are no further costs required to keep a bike going and on the road. However, without a secure cycle rack installed at the premises, employees may feel that cycling to work is an untenable solution.

Increased health and environmental benefits 

Gyms and fitness centres have been closed for months, and the effects can be felt by us all. Getting into a daily cycling routine is a fantastic way to get into better shape whilst reaping great health benefits too, including better heart and lung health. 

There is no need to worry about gym costs, or fitting in exercise classes or routines into your day’s schedule, as commuting to and from work on a bike takes out the thought and effort of taking specific time out of your day to get fit. 

Bikes also don’t expel any harmful fuels or substances into the air. By opting for a bike instead of a car, bus, or train (that we all know let out a number of toxins and chemical substances into the atmosphere) the environment benefits greatly. 

Form a cycling community

Creating a cycling community within your workplace allows for numerous opportunities to get social and get to know other employees in the company, through this new hobby and commuter life. 

Cycling routes can be created with employees that live in the same region, allowing them to feel a sense of fellowship with each other, as well as discovering new scenic routes in their neighborhoods. 

Opting to commute to work by cycling and hopping on a bike to go to and from work has so many benefits to your company culture, as well encouraging employees to benefit themselves and as well as the environment.  

For more information about how to make your commute and premises COVID-secure, take a look at our social distancing products (such as chain posts for queue management and coronavirus floor markers to mark out your 2m distances)

By Barriers Direct on 26/05/2020

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